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    This is the section that provides all the information pertaining to education in Malaysia. A detailed explanation is provided which depicts all the information on the education system in Malaysia. It also defines the historical developments of education in the country. This includes the mentioning and explanation on the former education systems that used to have the SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran) which has been replaced with the PMR. This section also provides the information on the ministry of Education and its roles and responsibilities in promoting and increasing the standards of Education in Malaysia.


    Private tuition or one-to-one tuition in Malaysia is a thriving industry. Retrenched professionals and retired teachers have even set up tuition centre in residential area to earn a living. When students are struggling to keep up and improve their grades on exams and tests, parents will encourage and at times, forced their kids to attend tuition classes during their free time particularly during the weekends. From English Language to Mathematics, Science to Geography, you name it, they’ve got it!Years ago, parents would only send their kids to tuition classes if they have a hard time understanding and grasping certain subject. However, the trend has clearly changed for parents send their kids to tuition classes seven days in a week even when these children are outstanding and top students in class. Some blamed it on the exam-oriented education system in Malaysia. These top students are forced to attend tuition classes to improve their already good grades.Realizing the potential to earn good money from private tuition, some of these tutors simply jump on the bandwagon to increase their income. These individuals have no diploma or degree to qualify as tutors to coach students. But no doubt, tuition is a booming industry in the country.Tuition lesson has its own advantages and disadvantages. As students spend so little time in school for a specific subject (perhaps around 2 hours per day for one single subject), attending tuition classes allow students to gain more knowledge that you may not learn from the teachers in the school. Besides that, private tuition generally has smaller classes thus tutors can focus and concentrate more on each student and provide assistance when needed.

    And on a brighter side, parents can fully maximize students’ time and let them gain more knowledge rather than getting involved in immoral activities. That means parents will know their kids’ whereabouts during these particular hours. In addition to that, students can exchange ideas and share information with new friends at the centre. Through interaction, these students can even develop creative and communication skills.

    However, tuition lessons also have its disadvantages. First and foremost, it increases parents’ burden as they need to allocate more expenses since tuition fees are rather expensive. In some cases, it caused unnecessary pressure to students as they need to juggle between school work and tuition work. As students spend more time to attend tuition classes, they failed to enjoy their childhood.


    A tutor refers to a qualified academic staff responsible to assist students to improve their academic studies and performances in examinations.  Tutors can be provided by tertiary institutions to assist students in tutorial classes or hired directly by parents to look after the welfare and help students to improve their grades. Generally, students refer to tutors to improve their academic standing within the institution.Primary and secondary students may also refer those who are giving extra lessons in tuition classes as tutors. Tutors play an important role in a student’s life as they may offer advice on certain issues such as exam results, conflicts, financial difficulties and course choices. Basically, tutors main focus is to assist students in achieving better understanding on a particular subject. In other words, tutors must present and impart knowledge to students in an understandable manner (slides, formulas). This is to help students boost their confidence.Therefore, tutors must be highly qualified, fully comprehend and understand a specific subject to be able to coach students in need. A tutor’s main asset is patience. A good tutor must remain calm and have patience when dealing with troublesome students. Other than that, tutors must be responsible and committed to their job.